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VideoHire is an automated video interviewing technology that is powered by Aiva - a digital hiring assistant. VideoHire powered by Aiva helps companies become more efficient in the hiring process. It saves time for hiring managers and increases productivity for the recruitment team. Use VideoHire and Aiva to automate the phone screens process or even the first round of interviews, then decide on the best candidate to bring in for a face-to-face meeting.

Aiva can do 5 or 500 interviews simultaneously 24 x 7, freeing your team to focus on other areas of the business. VideoHire and Aiva are ready to assist anytime, any day, anywhere. VideoHire powered by Aiva is working for your team even when they are off work. Candidates have the convenience to complete their responses anywhere and the flexibility to do it anytime.

VideoHire is a stand-alone product that works with or without an applicant tracking system. If you already have an existing applicant tracking, use VideoHire to accelerate the hiring.

Get ready to unleash VideoHire and Aiva!

Easy as 1-2-3


Save Time

No scheduling headaches. Don't need to phone screen or conduct 1st round of interviews.

Increase Productivity

Accomplish more in less time. Scale your team faster. High-volume recruiting is a breeze.

Cost Saving

Cut time to hire and cost per hire. Reduce hiring expenses.


Candidate completes interview on their own time and place.


Easy to use, get started in minutes. Don't need to be an interview expert.


24 x 7 x 365 access. Available anywhere, any device.

Screening and interviews made easy.
  • Startups

  • Running a startup as a CEO and Cofounder is not easy. Your startup is constantly under a time constraint trying to balance between product development and customer acquisition. Recruiting and hiring might be the last thing your team wants to do, especially if they do not have the time or expertise. How then are you going to scale? VideoHire is the solution.
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  • SMB

  • If you are the CFO, HR Manager or Director of a SMB (Small, Medium Business), maintaining growth is vital to your organization while keeping operating costs down. It is exciting when your organization is experiencing exponential growth, but trying to keep up with the talent demand can be a challenge. VideoHire will easily streamline your hiring process. Say goodbye to inefficiency.
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  • Large Enterprise

  • You are the VP of HR or CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) for a large multi-national company. Your Talent Acquisition team within HR is doing a good job of filling positions. Data analytics and KPI's are important to you, such as Time to Hire, Cost per Hire and ratio of Positions per Talent Advisor. Studies show the number of requisitions per recruiter is between 20-40 positions on a monthly basis with the average being 30. What if a technology exists that could boost your hiring team into the stratosphere and blow away your current hiring metrics? Now there is with VideoHire.
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