Referrals Made Easy!

Referral Program Made Easy!

HR data and surveys say some of the best hires are from referrals, and we could not agree more. The challenges are most candidate referral programs are cumbersome, inefficient, and/or non-existent. Companies face having the proper infrastructure, resources and time that go into implementing an effective Referral Program. Well not to worry, we've got you covered. No need to get a lawyer to write legal referral terms, because we have already done it for you. In addition, our software automates the referrals process, so you can seamlessly leverage your company’s internal AND external network to attract the best talent with a click. It’s simple, easy to use, and best of all, it’s based on results. You get to set the reward amount, decide when the amount is paid out, and only pay if you make a successful hire. No hire, no payment.


Referrals are the highest quality hire – they perform better when compared to other recruiting sources.

Culture Fit

Referrals are a better cultural fit, as they are pre-vetted by people familiar with how your company works.

Low Turnover

A referred hire will stay at their job longer than a non-referred hire.

High Retention

An employee who successfully referred a candidate feels value, trusted, and will stay at their company longer.

Low Cost

The cost to hire is minimal compared to all other recruitment and hiring methods.


Faster time to hire. Your open position will get to the right candidate much quicker.

Zero risk

You only reward if you hire. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Referrers are like advocates and brand ambassadors; they promote and create awareness of your company in a positive way.

Employee Referral

Your employees are your most valuable assets and they will likely know individuals that can be a great addition to your team. Why not provide them with an incentive and reward  for making successful referrals. Simply set the reward, and share the referral link with your employees, and our software will do the rest.

All your employees have to do to make referrals is share the link. That's it! Our software tracks any candidates that apply through your employee, and you’ll be able to easily identify them through the dashboard.

No Credit Card Required. No Upfront Payment Required.

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Referrals Made Easy!
External Referrals

External Referral

Don't just stop with employee referrals, why not leverage referrals outside of your company’s wall and tap into external referrals. After all, people that do not work for your company (vendors, suppliers, partners, private contacts, etc.) will know individuals who can be a great fit to your organization.

Our technology gives you the power to leverage external referrals with one click to attract qualified candidates, so you can Zip2Hire. Decide the amount you want to reward, select when you want to pay, and that’s it. You only pay the referrer if you make a successful hire. If you don't hire anyone from the referrer, then you owe nothing.

No Credit Card Required. No Upfront Payment Required.

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