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There are many benefits, but below are just a few of them:

  1. Save time checking your Careers inbox
  2. Save time posting jobs on your Careers page and Indeed
  3. Save time reviewing, screening, and shortlisting resumes
  4. Know the candidate’s compensation expectation upfront
  5. Collaborate and communicate easier amongst your hiring team
  6. Save time with Reference Checks, because they are automated it’s one less thing your team have to do

No, there is a simple integration that allows you to review all applicants from Linkedin on our platform.

We’re integrated with Indeed, so there is no need to post jobs on Indeed, because any jobs posted on our platform will automatically show up on Indeed.

Probably not. This promotion is only for new companies and available for a limited time.

No, because you’re doing the work twice. With our quick and easy integration any jobs posted on our platform will automatically show up on your Careers page, Indeed, and Google Jobs. We like efficiency and rather have you post the job once and it’s done.

Yes. You can choose the jobs layout and customize the color to match your Careers site.

For a simple integration, it takes about 5 minutes. For more sophisticated and customization a few hours.

That’s great to hear you have a process in place. You should take the 1 minute efficiency test below to see if you’re on the right path.

Our platform saves you time of having to sort, sift, and review every resume that comes in. Plus, maintaining the careers inbox is not an easy task, how do you keep track of which candidates apply for which positions?

Not really. A manager’s time is valuable and clogging up their inbox is not a good idea. Consider this, what if that manager is away or no longer with the company, then how will your company efficiently move forward with the process?

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