Product Testers in several US 
cities wanted to expand our private network of In-Home Usage Testers to fulfill upcoming contracts with national and international companies. We guarantee 15-20 hours per week with an hourly pay of $25/hr. No experience required.

Research Now is a products survey company that specializes in 
product testing and product development work. We design and conduct 
In-Home Usage Testing locally and nationally to provide actual 
user feedback to consumers and market research firms to evaluate 
products, packaging, related product instructions and more.

We leverage our network of private panels (In-Home Usage Testers) to provide product testers to companies for evaluating the in-home 
experience with a wide variety of products to ensure proper product 
certification and greater market access.
Please note that although this job can be done from home 95% of the 
time, very occasionally In-Home Product Testers may be asked to visit the client's office, laboratory, store, warehouse or factory for training or meetings (visits are local and scheduled at no more than 20 minutes drive from the In-Home Usage Tester address). These optional visits are also paid by the hour.

During your application process, we will determine your consumer 
profile and establish what products would be suitable for you to test according to your demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior, skills, hobbies and ability. Research questionnaires are used to identify and target certain types of consumers, to ensure the right participants are engaged and to achieve the representative sample needed. Job candidates for In-Home Usage Testing are also screened to meet the client’s needs for the project to ensure that the product is one that they qualify to test and that they have a balance of demographics and attitudes.

Participation in these product testing and consumer panels is always free, secure and private. In-Home Usage Testing is a quick, easy and fun way to make extra cash by telling big brands what you think about their upcoming products and services in the American market.

Main Duties

Sign and return non-disclosure agreements before the product to be 
tested is shipped. Individuals who complete the required documents will have the products sent to their homes.
Once the product is received for In-Home Usage Test, the 
Product Tester must take care of the product being tested and use it responsibly.
Read and strictly follow the In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule 
provided with each product testing project. In-Home Usage Test Daily 
Schedules may include tasks to do such as: unpacking, reading 
instructions, journal entries, online or mobile feedback, usage of 
product for certain amount of time, writing reviews, taking pictures, etc. 

Paid Product Testing is done from home 95% of the time, but very 
occasionally paid Product Testers may be asked to visit the client's office, laboratory, store, warehouse or factory for training or meetings. These visits are paid by the hour also.
Write reviews as requested in the In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule for each project.
Review requirements can vary, however, the standard requirement is a written review, photos of the reviewer with the product and a video review.,

Additional Information
• Very competitive salary
• Weekly pay
• Work around your schedule
• Learn about an exciting industry
• Telecommute (you can work from home, work or school)
• Most of the time you can keep the product tested
• An incredible team comprised of motivated and talented individuals


• Great ability to follow precise instructions
• Be open to write short reviews, record audio or short video (doesn't have to be perfect), no experience needed
• Great attention to detail and curious spirit
• Be able to work 15-20 hours per week and commit to a certain routine
• Have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection
• Have access to a digital camera or cellphone that takes pictures
• Be honest and reliable
• Good communication skills is an asset
• No experience required
• High School Diploma
• 18 years or older

A paid Product Tester position is perfect for those looking for an 
entry level opportunity or for seasonal work, temporary work or 
part-time work. The hours are completely flexible and no previous 
experience is necessary. Our paid Product Testers come from all 
backgrounds and industries ranging from customer service and sales to administrative assistant. If you are a manager, receptionist, warehouse or factory worker, driver, medical assistant, nurse, cleaner, college student, messenger, maid, teacher, retail associate, salesperson, secretary, server, janitor, cashier, contract worker or intern who is looking for a flexible part time or seasonal job, you should try paid Product Testing to supplement your income. Also if you have been involved in accounting, clerical jobs, marketing, management, security or data entry jobs you may qualify for a paid product tester position.

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Dynata serves nearly 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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