Collaborative Hiring Made Easy

What is Collaborative Hiring?

Collaborative Hiring, also known as Team-based Hiring is a process that involves Collaborators (team members, technical leads and sometimes other departmental managers) in the hiring process. This can be anything from having Collaborators help with sourcing, screening, short-listing resumes, participating in interviews, candidate selection and feedback. Collaborative Hiring has been used by Google, Facebook, and Apple with great success.

Top Benefits of Collaborative Hiring


  1. Diverse opinions reduce major hiring errors and improve hiring results
  2. More thorough evaluation of potential candidates
  3. Hiring team know the role and culture of the company
  4. Unbiased feedback
  5. Reduce recruitment effort and faster time to hire
  6. Alignment – hiring manager, team members, and recruiter are on the same page instead of Us vs. HR
  7. Low costs to hire
  8. Saves Time
  9. Easier on-boarding
  10. Retention – team members involved feel appreciated and stay longer with the company
Share comments and feedback
Easily communicate with the hiring team
See the hiring team's rating
Candidate's information are automatically sync

CoHire - take your Collaborative Hiring to a new level

  • Collaborate and hire faster
  • No more miscommunication
  • Eliminate confusion between manager and HR
  • Save time and reduce your hiring costs
  • Simple and easy to use
Collaborative hiring.