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What Are Your Hiring Challenges?

Hiring can be a daunting task in today's environment. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise there are different sets of challenges for each type of organization. In-house recruiters and hiring managers face issues such as getting too few applicants to not getting the right applicant. On the other hand, companies that get too many applicants have to deal with the time restraints that goes into recruiting versus running a business.

Take the examples below.



Jonathan is a Development Manager of a tech startup where each manager is responsible for their own hires. The company is looking to accelerate and are ramping up their hiring. They have job postings on their Careers page and are asking applicants to send their resume via email to the company’s inbox careers@techstartup.com. They received very few applicants, and the times when they do get a lot of applicants, very few meet the minimum requirements. On top of that, each hiring manager is spending too much time reviewing resumes and short-listing candidates.

SMB (Small, Medium Businesses)

Marcie is a HR Business Advisor for a 50 employees insurance company. Her responsibilities are split between hiring, terminations, employee relations, organizational development, and other HR related duties. The company is looking for great people, but struggle due to the lack of quality candidates. Marcie was convinced that using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) was the way to go. She was ecstatic to have received 500 clicks with 300 resumes. However, soon she realized the time constraints in reviewing every resume, only to find out a large volume of the applicants did not have the required experience. She decided to use the services of a 3rd party staffing agency at a rate between 15-25% of the candidates’ first year’s salary. It was a hit and miss with the 3rd party recruiters and with the fees being around $10,000 - $25,000 per hire, Marcie and her management team must rethink their strategy.


Jay is a full-time recruiter for a midsize engineering company. They are using a custom online web form to receive all the resumes which then feed into a spreadsheet. The company is not getting the quality candidates that they hope for, so Jay decides to pay for job posting services on 3 separate job boards. After receiving over 200 resumes from the different job boards, there are too many duplicates and very few that meet the requirements that Jay is looking for. In addition, managing and using multiple systems is eating into Jay's valuable time.

Large Enterprise

Lucy is the VP of HR for a well-established large oil and gas company. Her company has the top of the line ATS (Applicant Tracking System) in place that can slice and dice resumes and has a multitude of other capabilities that the recruitment team is not aware of. Lucy's company is well known and does not have any problem attracting qualified applicants. She has a good Talent Management team in place consisting of Talent Acquisition Advisors that handle all the recruitment. Yet for some reason when she gets the HR report, she can’t understand why the time to hire is still so high, and wonders if her team is efficient. Is it the people or the software? We believe it is the latter.

The common thread, posting a job on your Careers page or various job boards doesn't always work. Getting a high volume of candidates does not mean you are getting the quality of applicants that your organization is looking for. Using emails and spreadsheets can be a time-consuming headache when trying to manage the influx of resumes. And having the ATS system that is currently considered top of the line does not help in attracting the right talent.

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