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One platform to help you recruit and hire at scale. Features for all type of roles to help you grow your business.

Business Owners

Looking to grow your business, but strap for time or don't have the expertise to recruit great talent? Our platform is designed to help your company scale fast with or without HR or recruitment expertise.

Hiring for business owners.
Hiring software for HR leaders

HR Leaders

What KPI and hiring metrics matter to you most? Is it Time to Hire (TTH) or Average Reqs per recruiter or both? According to industries averages, each recruiter or Talent Acquisition Advisor should be able to handle 15-20 reqs per month. Our technology creates an efficient hiring process for your team to fill more positions in less time. Zip2Hire shorten the time your team spends in the recruitment process (ie. sourcing, screening, scheduling, references, etc.).

HR Advisors

If you're an HR Advisor or HR Business Partner for a company without an internal recruiter, time is your most valuable commodity. In addition to hiring, your plate is full with tasks such as onboarding, training, employee relations, etc. Our software streamlines the hiring process making recruitment a lot easier for you.

Hiring software for HR Advisors and Business  Partners.
Hiring software for recruiters and talent acquisition team.


What are the top hiring challenges facing today's recruiter?

1. Attracting qualified candidates in a competitive market

2. Inefficient hiring process

3. Cumbersome systems or lack of proper tool

4. Miscommunication between recruiters and hiring manager

Zip2Hire provide recruiters with all the necessary tools to fill more positions faster and easier. Our easy to use platform gives you everything you need to work efficiently and effectively. Collaborate seamlessly with hiring managers and collaborators with the built-in rating and commenting system.

Say goodbye to expensive pay per job posting and time-consuming tasks.

Stay organized. Track resume coming from your careers page, Indeed, Linkedin, etc. in one system
Built-in social recruiting and referral system to help you reach the right candidates faster
No one likes to review every resume in the careers inbox and neither should you. Short-list resumes faster with pre-screens.
Save time on phone screening or 1st interviews with VideoHire. Let the power of automated video interviewing work for you 24 x 7.
Collaborate and make faster hiring decision. Manager, team members, and recruiter can share feedback and rating on every candidate.
Interview guides are readily available at your fingertip. Reference checks are automated, one less thing for your team to do.

Eliminate the chaos and track resumes in one system


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Hiring is Easy
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  • I can't believe how simple it is. Our team was able to figure it out with very little training. We were up and live in under an hour.

    Business Owner

  • Our team is now more efficient and productive. We were able to reduce our time to hire. Plus, our team was able to keep up with the demands of the business.

    HR Director

  • The system is a life saver. I can quickly see who is good or not without going through hundreds of resume.

    HR Business Partner

  • I'm more productive than ever. Shortlisting a position with 90+ applicants would take me days or weeks. Now it takes me under an hour.

    Talent Acquisition Advisor

  • It's super easy to collaborate with my recruiter compare to when we were using emails and spreadsheets.

    Hiring Manager

  • Our company doesn't have HR, so all our managers do their own hiring. This platform provided all the tools for our team to stay organized and hire at scale.

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • This system creates efficiency for our recruiters. They would post jobs on our careers page and then would go to Indeed and post the same jobs. Zip2Hire automates the job posting function, our team now only have to post once.

    HR Manager

  • I used Linkedin, Indeed, and other job boards to post our jobs. I would have to log into multiple systems to see the applicants. More often than not, there would be duplicates. Now, I only need to use one system.


  • With the built-in interview scheduler, it makes booking interviews so much easier. I don't have to chase down candidates and play voicemail tags.

    HR Coordinator

  • I really like the automated Reference Check. It saves me time of having to do references.

    HR Advisor

Your company deserves a better system. Zip2Hire make hiring easy.

Let's face it emails, spreadsheets, and web forms have their places, but for recruiting and hiring it's painful.

Streamline your hiring process today, be more efficient, enjoy the benefits.

Reduce Cost

Lower your cost to hire.


Save Time

Eliminate administrative and repetitive tasks.


Get Results

Reach the right talent quicker.


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